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Prices for Visits, Study Tours and Events

Interested in visiting Finnish schools and learning about  Finnish education? Are you now looking for the most cost-effective option? The cost of the visit program depends on two factors: the content (visit/expert options) and the number of participants. No matter now simple your program is, if you are coming alone or even with a small group the price per person is going to be much higher compared to a group of 20 people. Following that logic, the scheduled visits programs where we expect many individual participants, such as LIFE2019, HEAT2019EYES2019 and Open School Visits are economically the most interesting options for individuals or small groups.

The weighted average that our 800+ clients have paid so far per visit program day is 181 euros


Scheduled Visits

In the table below there are prices for different scheduled visit programs (VAT excl.). We have added price/day as that gives a better idea of the differences in value. Early bird prices have been applied where available. 

Open School Visit*234234

* Open School Visits include only one visit in the morning


Customized Visits

Of course, many times the scheduled visits just won’t work and you need a customized visit program. As mentioned before, the price per participant gets lower the more people are involved. In the table below you will see price/day/participant for a very basic 5-day visit program: one school visit each morning and one expert lecture each afternoon. Prices have been calculated using our Study Tour Calculator. The results are compared to Study Tours For Small Groups, to Teacher Shadowing, and to Private School Visits.

For Small
Private School
Participants: 6441419122273
Participants: 10281N/A100169
Participants: 20172N/A83135

Another way to demonstrate this is by having a look at all our total customized visits so far. In the chart you will see how the number of participants affects the price per day per participant. Please have in mind that the trend line (red) tells just the average price and the final price (blue dots) depends heavily on the program content. 

Study Tours Trendline

Scheduled or Customized Visits

Finally, the most cost-effective solution depends on your goals and learning objectives. Want to have a look at Finnish schools and talk with Finnish teachers or get a deeper understanding about the Finnish education? In either case we are here to help you and our pedagogical experts can suggest the most convenient solution that matches your budget.
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