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Finnish Basic Education

This introductory course offers you a chance to learn about the essential pedagogical, societal and cultural factors ‘in’ and ‘behind’ the Finnish school system. During the self-study you can write or record your own thoughts or just read and listen.


Training Experts


Mr. Simo Pokki is the founder of VisitEDUfinn Ltd. He has made a long career as an education consultant and has owned his own company since 1995. He is a kindergarten teacher and has also worked as the head of a public kindergarten in the 1990´s. Simo was in local politics for 20 years, working most of the time as Chairman of the board of education in Vantaa, one of the largest cities in Finland. He knows the Finnish education system well and has close networks in Finland. He established VisitEDUfinn Ltd. 2016 with four partners. He has also been a popular speaker and trainer for more than two decades.


Suvi Westling is an expert on educational psychology with a broad view on education and a deep understanding of the human mind. She has graduated from and later taught students in an innovative classroom teacher program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. She has also worked as classroom teacher, both in urban and rural settings and participated in developing teacher training programs in the faculty of education. Currently she is working as an educational consultant and content producer for VisitEDUFinn Ltd.

I LOVE having the opportunity to see first-hand, the evidence-in-action related to Finland's amazing educational system

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