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Learning in a forest

Finland is a land full of forest and thus Finnish people, including children and families, school and kindergarten groups spent a lot of time in forest.
In this ‘virtual visit’, you’ll see pictures and small video clips of Finnish students and children spending time and learning in the forest. You will also get an introduction and chance to reflect on different angles of forest as a learning environment and how that is fitted into the official pedagogical curriculum.


Training experts


Suvi Westling is an expert on educational psychology with a broad  view on education and a deep understanding of the human mind. She has graduated from and later taught students in an innovative classroom teacher program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. She has also worked as classroom teacher, both in urban and rural settings and participated in developing teacher training programs in the faculty of education. Currently she is working as an educational consultant and content producer for VisitEDUFinn Ltd.


Minna Berg is a classroom teacher with a strong practical touch for the students’ world. For several years she has been training students and teachers Thomas Gordon’s teachers’ effectiveness training, using a ‘Finnish application’ of these skills of interaction. Currently, she is working as a part of a research group at the University of Helsinki, in the faculty of Education.

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