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August 16 - August 20

Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) fortress in Helsinki, Finland

Teacher's Summer School HEAT2021: Helsinki Education in Action for Teachers

ATTENTION TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS! It is now time to apply for Teachers’ Summer School 2021 in Helsinki, Finland on August 16-20.

What is HEAT2021?

The Summer School is organized by VisitEDUfinn , Hostel Suomenlinna and The Organization for Outdoor Education in Finland. The school lessons will be taught in the interesting educational venues and in the historical Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a World Heritage Site. Suomenlinna World Heritage Site has the unique learning surrounding full of history and with beautiful archipelago landscape. During your summer school week you will also get to know Helsinki and its cool sights, for example Oodi city library, Löyly, Temppeliaukio Church

There is also a possibility to visit the Finnish public school and see the students in action. The students will also join the workshops with you in Suomenlinna. Each workshop day teachers/educators will have different tasks to follow and aims to achieve!

IMPORTANT! Only space for 20 participants!

Here are some the strengths of Teacher’s Summer School, according to HEAT2019 participants:

“Leena and Elina both were outstanding institutors and worked very hard to include all participants and to
create positive, hands on experience, they are highly valued”

“The camp school ideas were exciting and would fit in beautifully with my school’s philosophy”

“Discovered many ways of learning and felt the joy of learning”

“Learning from other participants was a highlight – this was fostered through the collaborative and
discussion orientated activities”


HEAT SUMMER SCHOOL CAN BE ORGANIZED ALSO FOR PRIVATE GROUPS LATER FALL 2021, WINTER TIME 2021-2022 OR SPRING 2022! Contact info@visitedufinn.com for a quotation.

What will you learn? 

The Summer School curriculum bases on Finnish national core curriculum. The pedagogical approach is holistic and student-centered. You will take a part to the interactive and inspiring learning sessions. We will focus on phenomenon-based teaching and learning, a move away from subjects and towards inter-disciplinary topics. HEAT Summer School is like a typical Finnish Camp School which aim is also to strengthen co-operational and communicational skills in the classroom. You will be able to learn by doing and sharing not only with the students but also with the local experienced teachers.

The Summer School opens for you an opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and local practices, which are ethically sustainable and culturally sensitive, and could be transferred from culture to another.

Please note that minor changes are possible! 



Monday /in town


Tuesday / in Suomenlinna


Wednesday/ in Suomenlinna


Thursday /at school


Friday / in town


Helsinki sights on foot

With group 1 students

Engaging students, thinking and learning to learn workshop

Secrets of Suomenlinna fortress history

With group 2 students

Engaging students, thinking and learning to learn workshop

Secrets of Suomenlinna fortress history

Finnish learning culture in practise – daily shores at Finnish public school

A school visit (a same school than from where group 1 and 2 students come from)

Learning and school collaboration outside the classroom:

Visit to the educational art and culture venue (learning center TBC)


LUNCH in town

LUNCH in hostel Suomenlinna

LUNCH in hostel Suomenlinna

LUNCH at school

LUNCH in town


Finnish school values and learning conception

Overview of the Finnish basic education system by Aulis Pitkälä

With group 1 students

Learning by doing – a holistic pedagogical approach: Secrets of archipelago nature workshop

With group 2 students

Learning by doing -a holistic pedagogical approach: Secrets of archipelago nature workshop

Daily shores at school:

A visit continues with pedagogical teachers’ in-service workshop

Learning and school collaboration outside the classroom continues

educational projects with museums, (visiting museum TBC)


After coffee break

Teacher talk – teacher training and collaboration

Sharing pedagogical knowledge and expertise

After coffee break

New national curriculum: What is phenomenon-based learning all about? How is teaching and learning in the 21st century?

After coffee break

Finnish school team spirit activities: Camp Olympics

Wrap-up of today

After coffee break

A visit to Arabia Design center

Wrap-up of today

After coffee break

Joy of learning and sharing together: Wrap up workshop and farewell party


The full Finnish Experience including swim and sauna

A visit to Helsinki University library and Think Corner




DINNER in town


What about the accommodation?

Summer School participants will have the option to stay overnight in an old elementary school, Hostel Suomenlinna. The Finnish Hostel Association has designated Hostel Suomenlinna as the Hostel of the Year 2018. The hostel, owned by The Organization for Outdoor Education in Finland, is located on one of the Suomenlinna islands, just 15-20 minutes from the city center by ferry. If you are interested in this option, for more information and booking, please contact hostel@suokki.fi. If the Hostel is fully booked or you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are plenty of good options within walking distance from where the ferry service runs in the Market Square. Check out the ferry schedule

How do I get there? 

Suomenlinna is accessible only by water. A ferry service runs from the Market Square to Suomenlinna throughout the year. The trip to Suomenlinna takes 15–20 minutes and offers magnificent views of Helsinki and the surrounding area from the sea.

How can I participate?

HEAT2021 is a very unique opportunity for only 20 participants, so be quick and register for this special event today! All registration must be done using the following online registration form. Reservations will be handled on a “first come – first served” basis, so early registration is the only way to secure your place and select the date of your preference. Accepted methods of payment are credit card and bank transfer. If you have problems or questions about completing the online form, please contact info@visitedufinn.com


How much does it cost? 

Early price 1250 euros (excl. VAT) per participant, valid until February 28th, 2021 
Normal price 1450 euros (excl. VAT) per participant, valid until July 31st, 2021

Price includes:
– HEAT2021 program
– lunches and refreshments each day
– welcome dinner
– entrance fees when apply (for instance The Full Finnish Experience with sauna)
– materials
– transportation during the program
– book about the Finnish education system
– certificates of attendance  

IMPORTANT! For VAT exemption you need to register as a representative/employee of a company or organization and during the registration attach a tax certificate, trade register extract, or similar from your country.

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made by email to info@visitedufinn.com. If you do not cancel your participation at all, you will be charged the full fee. 

For cancellations received by 28 February 2021, the paid registration fee will be refunded. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after this date. Please note that a processing fee of 50 € will be deducted from all refunds. If unable to attend, the registered person may substitute someone else from the same organisation by sending a notification to info@visitedufinn.com.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend the event. Inform us by sending email ASAP to info@visitedufinn.com. You will get a 100% voucher to attend HEAT2022 or any other VisitEDUfinn’s events or visit programs.

In case the whole event is canceled, due to coronavirus or similar situation, all the fees will be refunded.

Who is in charge of HEAT2021?


Ms Suvi Krista Westling, an educational psychologist and expert in the field with both grass root teaching experience from school and teacher education as well as research from these environments.

Suvi Krista Westling is an educational expert, who has a broad and holistic view of education and a deep understanding of human mind and learning. She has graduated from and later taught new students in an innovative program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. Her teaching has included lecturing, supervising pre-service-teachers’ practice, and facilitating group processes and process-oriented group studies. In her research she studies the quality of regulation of students’ learning and activity both, at school and at teacher education. She has worked as an expert in educational program design at an academic level as well as in the world of international organizations.

Suvi has also gained grass-roots experience of working with children and teenagers while working as a classroom teacher, youth worker and camp supervisor in various places at earlier phases of her life. She has developed an international mindset and understanding of different cultures by participating and working in different international communities and networks, living and studying in Latin America (Chile), travelling and having friends around the world.

If you have any questions concerning HEAT2021, please contact Suvi at info@visitedufinn.com or +358 405 526 031.

Other experts in HEAT2021


Aulis Pitkälä has an exceptional career in the field of Education. During the years 2012-2016 Aulis responded a valued task of Director General in Finnish National Agency for Education and nowadays he works as a Deputy Mayor of Education and Cultural Services in the city of Espoo. In 2017 he was awarded with honorary title by the President of the Republic of Finland for his distinguished career in education.

How is the education in Finland? 

During HEAT2021 You will get familiar with all the characteristics of Finnish education:

– One of the basic principles is that everyone must have equal access to high-quality education and training.
– Each student has the right to educational support.
– Special needs education is generally provided within mainstream education.
– The Finnish education system is based on the philosophy of inclusion.
– Educational support and guidance covers support for learning according to the individual capacity of the learners, school attendance, pupil welfare and guidance and counselling. The learning of gifted pupils and students is supported.
– The education system is based on trust and responsibility.
– Educational autonomy is high at all levels.
– Most education is publicly funded.
– National core curriculum gives space for local variations.
– Learning outside the classroom is common.
– The first national examination is at the end of general upper secondary education.
– Teaching continues to be an attractive profession.
– Finnish schools have highly educated teaching personnel.
– Continuing teacher education is widely encouraged.

What else can be done in HelsinkiFinland?

 – What’s up in Helsinki during your study visit!
– Design and shopping tips in Helsinki! 
– Do not miss the Temppeliaukio Church and the Old Market Hall!


HEAT2021 will be organized following the recommendations of Finnish institute for health and wellfare, for instance, respecting safety distances and providing masks and hand sanitizers whenever needed.

While be expect travelling to be rather normal by August 2021, we strongly recommend booking flexible flight tickets and accommodation, as things might change before the event starts. In case the whole event is canceled, due to coronavirus or similar situation, all the fees will be refunded.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend the event. Inform us by sending email ASAP to info@visitedufinn.com. You will get a 100% voucher to attend HEAT2022 or any other VisitEDUfinn’s events or visit programs.


August 16
August 20


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