LIVE Virtual School Visits and Study Tours

  • Would you like to visit Finnish schools, but COVID-19 restrictions, time constraints, or travel costs are standing in your way?
  • Would you like to share with your colleagues what you learned in a previous visit, and offer them a chance for a virtual visit?
  • Are you interested in continuous contact with a Finnish school, as opposed to just a quick visit?

VisitEDUfinn Ltd., a Finnish company specialized in organizing school visits and study tours, is now pioneering LIVE virtual visit programs and educational tours. COVID-19 has given us the necessary push to develop our “traditional” visit concept into something totally new, and even more beneficial for our clients. We have created our virtual programs without compromising the elements of an authentic experience– live observation, interaction, sharing with other participants, and the cultural aspects of Finnish education.

We have already had success with LIVE online services

In November 2020 we organized a two-day virtual study tour with 84 participants, and here are some of our client’s comments:

Thank you for the high professional organization of such an went PERFECT. It is an honor for me to work with such a professional partner who can organize such a two-day program. It was really very good.

Elista Girdauskienė, UAB "KIVEDA", Lithuania

Our latest LIVE online virtual study tours were part of our LIFE2021Remote event where participants could follow different schools in the same session. Our recommendation rate was 82%.

Thank you for the conference today. It was very informative and enjoyable I can’t wait to visit Finland again!

Margaret Colley, Margaret Colley Education Ltd, UK

In October 2020 we had our first online event, EYES2020Remote, where 92,31% of the participants said they would recommend the event to their colleagues.

I really appreciated your Webinar/Workshop days…thank you for your professional opportunities provided to connect educators from many places in seeing Finnish perspectives on ECE. Finland is such a special place for education, educators, children and families. It's great to know you are doing good work there and sharing out.

Barbara Jenn, Columbia University, USA

What are the benefits of our LIVE Virtual Services?

Virtual visits and tours have been seen as a poor compensation for the “real” experience. However, there are many benefits:

  • Visit only those classes that you are is interested in

    Virtual school visits open a door for a truly customized school visit experience.

  • Parallel Visits

    In virtual school visits, we are able to split the participants into groups that can simultaneously visit different units.

  • No limits for group size

    The bigger the group, the more economical it is for the customer. The ease and cost-effectiveness of splitting the group, no matter how big, is substantial.

  • Continuous support

    With virtual school visits, it is easy to organize a series of visits, which can work as continuous support for the improvements an organization or individual has in mind.

  • Hybrid school visits

    Virtual visits can make a rich addition to a visit program in Finland, both before and after the visit.


Want to learn more about these benefits? Check our blog.


Virtual Charasteristics

Virtuality brings new elements for visits and tours. Here are the most important:

  • As in on-site study tours, the program includes expert lectures and workshops in addition to school visits. However, with a virtual tour, it is possible for it to last a longer length of time. For example, a tour may last for two months— one visit or lecture per week, and in between the participant can work on the ideas the virtual experiences generated.
  • In general, virtual programs are less expensive to organize than on-site visits and tours. However, the more visits and specific themes are included, the higher the price.
  • Daily virtual programs need to be shorter, as people will lose concentration after staring at a screen for a few hours.
  • The same goes for the school visits– observing a whole lesson digitally could be a rather monotonous experience. Ideally, the participants would visit another classroom after 15-30 minutes, which is possible with us.
  • Virtuality enables many new elements that can be included in the visit program. For instance, short videos about the school, and videos on customized themes such as societal and cultural context, Finnish school system, pedagogy, etc. Also, it is possible to apply interactive elements like breakout rooms and polls during the visit.


Here are some price examples for our LIVE virtual visit programs: 

For further information about our virtual school visits and study tours, please contact us by email  at or WhatsApp at +358 407 516 478.

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