Early Years Education Summit 2021

EYES2021REMOTE is a unique opportunity to learn from the famous Finnish Early Childhood Education and share the best practices in different countries. In EYES2021REMOTE you will participate in online webinars and workshops. In addition, you will have access to video lectures in advance. The main idea is to stimulate critical thinking and new perspectives by making the familiar strange and provoking questions.


STEP2021 es una oportunidad exclusiva para conocer cómo son las escuelas finlandesas, ver con sus propios ojos cómo está organizada la enseñanza y cuáles son los principios del aprendizaje en el país nórdico famoso por su Educación. El programa crea un espacio de encuentro con expertos en diferentes áreas y niveles de la enseñanza de Finlandia y de los países hispanoparlantes.


A new way to get even deeper into the famous Finnish education. Understand how everyday life works in Finnish schools by shadowing Finnish teachers and by listening to the top Finnish education experts in Educa, the largest event for the education and training sector in Finland. In 2020, more than 700 education professionals around the world attended Educa in Helsinki, in addition to the nearly 20000 Finnish participants.

Helsinki Education in Action for Teachers HEAT2022

HEAT - also known as Teacher’s Summer School, is a very special training program about the modern teaching methods in Finland, and how to apply them in practice. The lessons are taught in historical Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, which is also a World Heritage Site.


Past Events

VisitEDUfinn Ltd. has a strong track record of organizing conferences and events not only in Finland, but also in UK. Our team of experienced education professionals know how to please the clients who want to learn more about the famous Finnish education.​

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