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We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for individuals who share similar passions for the Finnish education system. A competition with prizes worth over 3000 euros is now open for registration. Last year, our lucky client number #2000 received a voucher worth 2000 euros. As we will reach client number #3000 this Autumn, we want to offer participants the opportunity to take part in this fantastic competition, with four different categories tailored to your interests and preferences. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and not delay in joining. The competition promises to be a great platform for showcasing your abilities and a chance to win a free participation in one of our programs. In addition, all the contest participants will get a 20% discount on any of our services!


Have you attended our courses, job shadowing programs, or school visits in Finland? Share your experience with us, along with a photo or video, on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, using the hashtag #visitedufinn3000, and stand a chance to win a 660€ voucher. The best post will be chosen as the winner, and we will draw another voucher among all the other participants. You can use English or your own language while writing the post.


Have you experienced the benefits of Finnish education firsthand? Share your story with us, along with a photo or video, on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn using the hashtag #visitedufinn3000. We would love to hear about the changes that your visit has created at your school or workplace. It could be anything from innovative teaching methods to new school policies or an overall change in attitudes. Your post can be written in English or your own language.


Do you think you know everything there is to know about Finnish education? Take our trivia challenge and answer 10 questions to win a 660€ voucher! Even if you don't get all the answers right, participate and get a chance to win, because we will draw the winner in case of a tie.

Why Finland?

If you haven't been to Finland yet, but you're fascinated by its education system, this is your chance to experience it firsthand! Write to us shortly about why you find Finland so interesting, what you would like to experience and learn in Finnish schools. We will draw a 660€ voucher among all interested participants.

Dear Participants,

We are pleased to announce our social media contest #visitedufinn3000, running until December 31, 2023. To participate, kindly follow these steps:

1) For categories 1 and 2, Choose the social media platform where you’d like to submit your entry. We are available on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and be sure to follow us first!
Instagram: @visitedufinn_ltd
Facebook: @visitedufinnLtd
LinkedIn: @visitedufinn
2) Post your entry using the hashtag #visitedufinn3000 on your chosen platform. Feel free to tag us as well!
3) Don’t forget to include a picture or video in your post!
4) For categories 3 and 4, please use the links provided above and fill in all the necessary information on the forms.
5) Winners will be announced during our upcoming LIFE2024 event.
6) To get the 20% discount, please contact us before purchasing. Justify your participation by sending us a link to your post, or let us know the email address you have used in other categories. The discount is available until the end of 2024.

Here are some essential contest rules to take note of:

1) Participants must be over 18 years old.
2) The jury will evaluate posts and conduct draws anonymously.
3) Winners will receive a VisitEDUfinn voucher worth €660, valid until the end of 2025. You can use the voucher to join our standard 7-day course or any other program or service that we offer.
4) We reserve the right to republish posts on our social media channels that include the contest hashtag.
5) We reserve the right to publish the names of the winners, as well as the winning posts and writings.

Thank you for participating, and good luck!

What makes Finnish education stand out? Discover its unique approach to teaching and learning, and experience firsthand the benefits that transform careers and lives. Connect with other passionae learning professionals and share your experiences from a legendary classroom. Explore all the educational opportunities that Finland has to offer!

At VisitEDUfinn, we believe that education is a powerful tool that transforms lives and drives progress. That’s why we’re committed to empowering education professionals by providing them with the best training, resources, and support. Join the movement and transform your teaching practices today!

Step 1: Discover

Discover the latest trends in education and identify your strengths.

Step 2: Learn

Learn from experienced professionals and discover innovative teaching methods that work.

Step 3: Transform

Transform your teaching practices and create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that empowers your students.

Offer ends soon!

Melina Rauhala

Ms. Rauhala (B.A.) is an educational sciences student at the University of Turku with studies also in the fields of psychology, business and HR, and sociology. As an education major, she is passionate about lifelong learning and the Finnish education system. She believes in change through education. In addition, Ms. Rauhala loves to learn new languages.  She completed an Erasmus + university exchange in Spain as a part of her studies and wants to work toward everyone getting international learning opportunities. Ms. Rauhala is working for VisitEDUfinn part-time while finishing her studies. 


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