Finnish Education Online Courses

  • Ever wanted to learn the essentials of Finnish education without searching the internet for hours?
  • Interested in practical applications, not just academic explanations of Finnish education success?
  • Want to be officially recognized for having learned Finnish education principles?

VisitEDUfinn Ltd. offers an online mini-course library of different educational themes and how they are applied in Finnish education. All the courses include videos, pictures, further readings, and questions for self-reflection. Passing one course will take approximately 1-2 hours.

The texts, videos, and photos in these online courses are prepared by the team of experts and other professionals from VisitEdufinn Ltd. Our company was founded in 2016 by education professionals with a track record of organizing successful events, study tours, and school visits in other organizations.

VisitEDUfinn is an official member of Education Finland. Education Finland is a governmental cluster program supporting the best education providers in their growth on the international market. The program is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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Online Mini-Course Library​

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What are the benefits?

You can choose only those themes and mini-courses that interest you the most in the course library, and study the courses at your own convenience.

However, studying together with your colleagues would be more beneficial, as all the courses invite you to reflect on your current situation and environment. We highly recommend that organizations organize facilitated workshops where teachers study together and discuss the reflective questions in small groups.
The estimated time to pass one course is approximately one hour studying alone; for a workshop, the estimation is two hours. If you are interested in a course trainer facilitating a workshop in your organization, please contact  

For each course, you can receive a certificate after completing the necessary tasks. If you complete a certain amount of courses, you will get a special diploma as a Finnish Education Specialist, signed by Aulis Pitkälä, former Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education.  


Individual and Organization Licenses

There are different options to study Finnish Education Online Courses, depending on your organization’s needs. Below are our license options:

  • SINGLE COURSE LICENSE: for 9,99 euros, you will have the selected mini-course open for 30 days.
  • LIBRARY LICENSE: for 9,99 euros/month, you will have unlimited access to all the mini-courses in the library.
  • ORGANIZATION LICENSE: for 99 euros/month, all the people in the same organization will have unlimited access to all the mini-courses in the library.

For further information, please contact us by email at or WhatsApp +358 407 516 478.

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