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  • Would you like to understand how specific educational themes are handled in Finland?

  • Curious to hear Finnish expert's opinion about some educational practises?

  • Would you like to plan your next lessons together with a Finnish expert?

  • Interested in knowing how COVID-19 was tackled in Finnish schools?

  • Want to organize a special meeting with your colleagues and ask questions directly from a Finnish expert?

VisitEDUfinn Ltd. is not only offering online meetings with selected Finnish teachers and principals but also with Finnish education experts. Meet a Finnish Expert is available for individuals and small groups up to 30 participants. Prior to the meeting (or after, if you prefer) the whole group can take for free the corresponding Finnish Education Online Course, and during a one-hour private meeting ask questions that may have raised when taking the course. Of course, you can also ask the education expert about his or her practical experiences in Finnish schools, and he or she can give suggestions to a challenge you face on your work.

Why limit to one session? You can use Finnish expert as a mentor for you and your colleagues that you meet on a regular basis.  


What are the benefits?

Talking with a professional expert or colleague often provides the opportunity to learn and get new ideas. However, talking with an expert from an entirely different country and culture can give you a whole new perspective. Things can be done in a different way. Challenges can be looked at from another angle. Your thinking can be broadened and enriched.

We put you in touch with carefully selected, highly educated Finnish experts with whom you can have a dialogue and discuss themes of their expertise. However, your conversation does not need to be limited to those. Experts are also prepared to talk about their challenges and how they overcame them, and what tools and solutions they used to fix a certain problem.

At the moment, you can select to discuss the following themes:

For all of these topics, the internet is full of information. The impact, however, is a lot more significant when the information is linked with a personalized conversation and practical examples provided by a Finnish expert. Your motivation to improve your work and routines will be on a completely different level.


How to connect with Finnish Experts?

Below you will find our current experts available for a LIVE virtual meeting and their speciality 

Here are the key features of the service:

  • One meeting takes 60 minutes. It is possible to book several meetings in a row.
  • If you want the expert to prepare his or her answers to some of your questions, you may send max 5 of them, at least 3 days before the meeting at  
  • Up to 30 participants can join the meeting. If you are interested in bookings for bigger groups or audiences, please contact
  • To maximize the benefit of your investment, it is highly recommended that the attendees take the corresponding course before the meeting. This helps them to have a basic understanding of the theme, make better questions, and concentrate on details and real life examples during the meeting.
  • The price is 199 euros (excl. VAT). Recording is included in the price.
  • A series of meetings can be made available for a discounted price. For instance, ten sessions for the price of eight.

Please read the following details carefully before proceeding with your booking.

  • When you have chosen the expert and the corresponding online course, send us an email at with time slots available for you and the meeting attendees’ names and emails . We will contact the expert, and after the meeting time is confirmed, we will send you a link to register.
  • During the registration, you can pay your booking with a credit card or get an invoice for a bank transfer. After the payment, we will send you a Zoom link to attend the meeting and give 30-day free access to the course.
  • Please connect a few minutes before the meeting starts, especially if you have not used Zoom before. And if you want to use your mobile phone for your meeting, make sure you have installed the application beforehand. Finns are punctual, so the expert you booked the meeting with will be there exactly at the booked time – and not later.
  • Cancellation is not possible, but you can change the date and time of your online meeting three days before the scheduled time. After that, no changes are possible.
  • If in doubt, please contact us by email at or WhatsApp at +358 407 516 478.

Finnish Experts available for your meeting

Choose the Finnish Expert you would like to meet.

Want to know more about our Education Services?

Piia Roos

Ms. Roos (teacher of early years, PhD) has over 10 years of experience as a teacher and a leader in Finnish child care centers. For the past 10 years she worked as a teacher in vocational collage for practical nurses majoring in early childhood education. Now Roos works as a lecturer and consult through her own company ( In addition, she is a partner in VisitEDUfinn Ltd. Her special interests are children’s perspective and participation. Her doctoral thesis focuses on children’s narration.

Corresponding Online Course: Early Years Education in Finland

Suvi Krista Westling

Ms Suvi Krista Westling is an expert on educational psychology with a broad view of education and a deep understanding of the human mind. She has graduated from and later taught students in an innovative program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. Her teaching has included lecturing, supervising pre-service teachers’ practice, and facilitating group processes and phenomenon-based group studies. In her research, she has studied the quality of regulation of students’ learning and activity both at school and at teacher education. She has worked as an expert in educational program design at an academic level as well as in few international organizations.

Suvi has also gained grassroots experience with children and teenagers while working as a classroom teacher, youth worker, and camp supervisor in various places at earlier phases of her life. She has developed an international mindset and understanding of different cultures by participating and working in different international communities and networks, living and studying in Latin America (Chile).

Corresponding courses: Challenges in ConcentrationLearning in ForestFinnish Basic Education

Pauliina Kanervo

Ms. Kanervo (Master of Arts, German and English philology) works as the Quality Manager and Head of Advisory Teachers in the Educational and Cultural Services of Oulu. She is in charge of the teachers’ in-service training, local curriculum work, language program work, and international projects and cooperation.

Corresponding course: Transversal competencies in Basic education in Finland

Eemeli Alanne

Mr. Alanne (Master of Arts in Education) works as an advisory teacher for entrepreneurship education in the City of Oulu. Eemeli is an education professional with a special focus on entrepreneurship, working life readiness, and sustainability. He loves learning new things and applying the theory into practice. He holds degrees in hospitality management, education & globalization and currently is doing MBA in leading sustainable growth. He has worked with NGOs in the field as well as the public sector. He has worked with thousands of students from 3rd graders to adults to understand entrepreneurship better. He has developed learning materials and facilitated events for hundreds of people. Eemeli thinks entrepreneurship is a learning process and a mindset.

Eemeli is energetic and passionate about the things he does. Working with him is not only about talking, it’s about doing, which is at the core of entrepreneurial behavior.

Corresponding course: Entrepreneurship Education

Maikki Manninen

Ms. Maikki Manninen is both a class teacher and early education and care teacher. Her expertise lies eg. in ICT and STEAM education at the primary and secondary levels. Nowadays, she works as an advisory teacher at the Educational and Cultural Services, City of Oulu. Her working tasks include training and consultation on ICT especially according to the Finnish core curricula and the local strategies for both ICT and STEAM education. Ms. Manninen is also experienced in development projects funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education eg. on innovative learning environments.

Corresponding course: STEAM Education in Finland

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Melina Rauhala

Ms. Rauhala (B.A.) is an educational sciences student at the University of Turku with studies also in the fields of psychology, business and HR, and sociology. As an education major, she is passionate about lifelong learning and the Finnish education system. She believes in change through education. In addition, Ms. Rauhala loves to learn new languages.  She completed an Erasmus + university exchange in Spain as a part of her studies and wants to work toward everyone getting international learning opportunities. Ms. Rauhala is working for VisitEDUfinn part-time while finishing her studies. 


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